An amazing souvenir: a full CANVAS mosaic of all your guests photos! 


PhotoBots are the new photo booth.  Designed to be pleasing to the eye and fit in with any decor, our machines bring the delight of instantly printed photos to your guests in an open-concept style.  This means that instead of sitting inside an enclosed booth (where your guests might as well be anywhere), you can capture the feel and buzz of your particular event in the background.  Watching people pose for photos adds exciting activity to the room that you don't get if they're locked up in a booth.

If you like the idea of a classic background, we can set up a backdrop for a studio feel and your guests still have much more room to move and gather in large groups for poses than with a traditional photo booth.


Completely unique in the Ottawa area, VideoBots are your very own Speaker’s Corner.  It gives you the chance to share the limelight, and lets the echoes of your crowd continue long after the event is over.  (Especially if you upload the videos online.)  Guests just step up, press the button and record.  As with the PhotoBot, the open-concept style of this booth allows you to capture background activity from your event.  It's also just plain hilarious to watch people leave videos. 

We’ve caught dancing, games and discussions of all kinds.  We can also supply a backdrop if you prefer an “Oscars” type look.  After a little clean-up and editing, the videos are yours.  The applications are endless.

PhotoBot (2 hr)

  • Delivery, set-up and pick up within the Ottawa area
  • Unlimited photos
  • Special Events Producer on-site + Consultation leading up to the event
  • Box of props
  • Choice of black and white or colour photos
  • Choice of 4 mini-photos, or custom layouts
  • Custom graphics
  • 2 copies of all digital images on CD
  • Please contact us for a quote!

VideoBot (2hr)

  • Delivery, set-up and pick up within the Ottawa area
  • Unlimited video
  • Special Events Producer on-site + Consultation leading up to the event
  • Box of props
  • Clean-up editing to full-length DVD movie or individual clips
  • Upload to Youtube or other site if desired
  • Custom graphics applied to video
  • 2 copies of finished DVD
  • Please ask us for a quote!

Some ideas for using VideoBots:

Fundraisers – Share the passion that people have for a great cause.  It’s often the best way to convince others.  Then post stories online on your website or on YouTube for inspiration.

Weddings – The bride and groom don’t usually get a chance to talk to everyone on your big day, so VideoBot gives them the spotlight they deserve and a chance to tell you how they feel in a video.  Some people tell stories about how they know the couple, describe a favourite memory, sing songs, dance and simply say thanks.

– Ask a series of questions that apply to delegates and enable them to share with one another.  Find out about their research, or what’s happening in their field.  Give people a chance to get to know the voices in your particular industry.

Career Fairs
– Ask job seekers to leave a short introduction video that talks about themselves, their experiences, and/or describe how they are suitable for employment at a company.  Use these videos later to remember the brightest candidates.

Promotion and Marketing -   Promote awareness by asking a themed question or offering a prize for the best on-the-spot video about a particular topic or product.  Videos can then be used for promotion.  (One word: YouTube.)  You could also conduct market research by asking questions and recording the answers, offering incentives for people’s time.

Some ideas for using PhotoBots:

Tradeshows and Conferences – A photo makes a unique giveaway that can also be a business card.  Visitors to your booth or table can get instant photos, and we apply a label or sticker with your company’s information to the back.  It’s a great opportunity for attendees to take pictures with old and new friends and get a great keepsake.

Weddings – Everyone looks their best at a wedding.  Guests get souvenirs to take home right away.  Since they get unlimited photos, we’ve seen mini-album wedding favours that guests fill up with pictures of family and friends.  It’s also great for a photo-guestbook.  Instant photos with the bride and/or groom are a special treat.

Ice-breakers – Instant photos are a great ice breaker for corporate parties and other professional events because they really bring people together.  Adding props like costumes (funny hats, feather boas.. etc) can really bring out the silly side of people.

Proms/Graduation/Dances – Pictures for everyone.  Remember the days when…

Parties – Birthday parties, family reunions and other private parties are great settings for special memories.  EventBots can be set up nearly anywhere and used by anyone.  Give your guests the gift of priceless moments on paper.


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